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Modena 630S

Winches built according to the directives EN 81.20, EN 81.50, Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30 / UE, Harmonization of Member States Legislatures 2014/33 / UE.

Our winches have been designed by engineers with thirty years of experience in the field, built entirely in Italy and assembled by specialized personnel.

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  • The processes are carried out with the latest generation of high precision CNC machines.
  • The checks are carried out with three-dimensional machines such as Zaiss and Mitutoyo.
  • Final acceptance tests are performed on each machine.
  • Our correctly mounted winches ensure optimum comfort and comply with noise levels as per VDI 2566.
  • The brakes are independent double action.
  • Our winches use synthetic oil.
  • The motors, of Italian construction, are in insulation class F, degree of protection IP21, forced ventilation. start / h 180 for AC2 motor, start / h 240 for VVVF high efficiency CDF 60% motors.
  • All our machines can be equipped with encoder, safety guards, slow shaft brake, frame and deviation pulley, anti-vibration pads.
  • Each winch is equipped with a use and maintenance booklet.
  • The materials, the structure, the processing, the assembly, the checks and the tests performed guarantee a high ride comfort and a long life.


Static load

3800 Kg

MAX capacity

900 Kg with pull 1:1


Up to 2 m/s

Oil capacity

3,5 Ltr synthetic


VVVF and 2 speed at 50 and 60 Hz.

Gearbox weight

250 Kg