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G-630 / G-630 F

G-630 / G-630 F permanent magnet cylindrical gearless with cantilever sheave for lifts with and without machine room.

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  • IGI gearless units consist of a permanent magnet motor with internal rotor, traction pulley, safety brake and encoder.
  • Compliant with the Lift Directive 2014/33 / UE, EN 81-20: 2020, EN 81-50: 2020, Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, Electromagnetic compatibility 2014/30 / UE, Harmonization of Member States legislation 2014/33 / UE.
  • Suitable for installation with or without engine room.
  • High performance permanent magnets, fixed with a method that guarantees correct position maintenance during operation.
  • The brakes are certified according to the current legislation of the Lift Directive, with control of excess speed when climbing and against uncontrolled movements of the cabin.
  • Class F windings equipped with thermistors to control the operating temperature.
  • Pulley range from 160 to 320 mm, in hardened steel with hardness> 50 HRC, in ductile iron EN-GJS-600 UNI 1563 with hardness> 250 HB.
  • Encoder for position and speed feedback. Specially positioned inside the brake to avoid any type of damage and make the machine more compact.
  • Manual brake release lever available on request.
  • IGI machines are extremely quiet and offer high ride comfort.


Nominal torque

250 Nm

Breaking torque

2 x 250 Nm

Power range

2,5 – 7,83 kW

Static load

3500 Kg

Gearbox weight

160 Kg

Engine voltage

208 V – 360 V


1,6 m/s



Diametro pulegge

from 60 to 320 mm