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Emergency brake

ROBA -diskstop
Maximum operational safety for people and goods lifts

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Performance characteristics:

  • EU examination certificate according to the Lift Directive 2014 / 33UE (Reference standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50)
  • High energy absorption capacity during dynamic braking. Possible applications in the field of elevators with high speeds and large masses.
  • It can be released electrically or mechanically. without direct access to the drive (patented manual release)
  • Check on microswitch in brake operating condition. Monitoring of the safety functions of the switch.
  • Patented switching noise damping for quiet operation.
  • Patented active alignment mechanism on both sides available as an option. Prevents rubbing noises even in the event of eccentricity deviations on the brake disc.
  • Quick and easy brake installation. No adjustments are required.


The ROBA-Diskstop brake is a spring-applied electromagnetic safety brake.

Spring Applied Function:
In the de-energized condition, the thrust springs (.2) press the armature disc (3) against the brake disc. (fig. 1) The brake disc is held between the friction pads (4).

Due to the magnetic force of the reel in the support in the reel holder (1), the anchor is attracted against the pressure of the spring to the reel holder (1). The brake is released and the brake disc can rotate freely.


  • As a brake for safe holding and EMERGENCY STOP operation.
  • As part of the overspeed protection device for the cabin when moving uphill or against uncontrolled movements when the lift door is open.

1) Tolerances -0% / + 60% “design optimized for performance” For applications with high demands on braking torque and performance level Switching noises up to approx. 65 dB. “Noise Optimized” Design For applications with high switching noise requirements. Switching noises less than 60 dB 2) Overexcitation is required for operations! Possibility of other brake disc widths contact ITALGEARS Spa technical office.

Certifications: The brakes have been approved as a braking device acting on the slow shaft of the traction pulley and as part of a protection device against the excessive speed of the cabin moving upwards. At least two brakes are required for a dual-circuit braking system according to EN 81 20/50.