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SKU inverter Category

Book shape up to 15 Kw (32 A), allows you to install the inverter in the most convenient way even in a small space (in the door frames).

Removable power terminals, easier and faster assembly for pre-wired systems thanks to the removable power terminals.

IP54 heatsink, high degree of protection through the external mounting of the heatsink, allows a reduced and more economical design of the switchboard suitable for installation in the compartment.

Safety functions certified according to EN81-20 for easier assembly. “Contactorless” the two contactors between the inverter and the motor are not necessary (pollution degree level 3). Brake assembly functions for UMC.

Stroke and direction counter specific for systems with lifting by means of belts or coated ropes. Various modes for energy saving. In accordance with energy saving standards and directives (ISO 25745), various energy saving modes are available. It is possible to put the inverter in stand-by mode by activating a digital input. The pre-charge circuits are very robust and allow a high number of ignitions. Customizable user logic. Customization of functions thanks to the integrated PLC function. Easy programming of the PLC function using Loader software. Up to 200 blocks (step-function block) can be programmed.

Connected to the world. CANopen (402 & 417), DPC (3 & 4) and Modbus RTU are available thanks to the 3 integrated communication ports. Integrated EMC filter. Integrated EMC filter compliant with EN12015 and EN12016 standards. Saves space inside the switchboard and facilitates wiring. Simple function for emergency operation. The emergency operation function is available through the use of a UPS or batteries. Thanks to the new input for powering the 24 VDC control logic, the operation can be allowed with a battery pack of only 48 VDC. Via software, the function allows you to optimize the energy of the UPS system batteries or the pack itself, by automatically choosing the favorable direction of the cabin. Able to control any type of engine. With the new engine control modes, FRENIC-lift can control any type of engine on the market. Also motors with peripheral encoder. More robust coating. The new coating protects the circuit board more from humidity and dust. More resistant for installations in the elevator shaft




ISO 9001